Adaptive sliding mode with time delay control based on convolutions for power flow reference tracking using a VSC-HVDC system


Abstract: This paper deals with the design of an adaptive sliding mode with a time delay control based on convolutions (ASMTDCC) approach for a voltage source converter (VSC) high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system for power flow reference tracking over a wide range of operating conditions considering parameter variations and external disturbances. For this purpose, the model of a VSC-HVDC transmission system connecting two asynchronous electrical grids is developed. The problem of designing an ASMTDCC feedback scheme, via a control strategy, is addressed seeking a better performance. For ensuring robust behavior and reducing chattering, the ASMTDCC scheme is realized based on time delay approximation and sliding mode techniques. Theoretical developments and results are illustrated through simulation results.

Keywords: High voltage direct current transmission system, power flow, sliding mode control, time delay control, convolution, Lyapunov function

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