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17 January 2019

Most Cited Articles

Active faults in the Anatolian-Aegean plate boundary region with Nubia
Volume 26, Issue 1, 2017, Pages 30-56
Ozbakir, Ali Deger; Govers, Rob; Wortel, Rinus

Improved composition of Hawaiian basalt BHVO-1 from the application of two new and three conventional recursive discordancy tests
Volume 26, Issue 5, 2017, Pages 331-353
Verma, Surendra P.; Rosales-Rivera, Mauricio; Diaz-Gonzalez, Lorena; Quiroz-Ruiz, Alfredo

Ar-40-Ar-39 geochronology and petrogenesis of postcollisional trachytic volcanism along the Izmir-Ankara-Erzincan Suture Zone (NE, Turkey)
Volume 27, Issue 1, 2018, Pages 1-31
Gocmengil, Gonenc; Karacik, Zekiye; Genc, S. Can; Billor, M. Zeki

Karstic depressions on Bolkar Mountain plateau, Central Taurus (Turkey): distribution characteristics and tectonic effect on orientation
Volume 26, Issue 4, 2017, Pages 302-313
Ozturk, Muhammed Zeynel; Simsek, Mesut; Utlu, Mustafa; Sener, Mehmet Furkan

Geochemical, microthermometric, and isotopic constraints on the origin of fluorite deposits in central Anatolia, Turkey
Volume 26, Issue 3, 2017, Pages 206-226
Cosanay, Pelin; Kirat, Ece; Cevik, Nihal; Kizilkanat, Ceyda; Mutlu, Halim; Koc, Sukru

The neotectonics of southeast Turkey, northern Syria, and Iraq: the internal structure of the Southeast Anatolian Wedge and its relationship with recent earthquakes
Volume 26, Issue 2, 2017, Pages 105-126
Seyitoglu, Gurol; Esat, Korhan; Kaypak, Bulent

The physical and physicochemical properties of some Turkish thermal muds and pure clay minerals and their uses in therapy
Volume 26, Issue 6, 2017, Pages 395-409
Celik Karakaya, Muazzez; Karakaya, Necati; Aydin, Senar

Feather-like hornblende aggregates in the phyllites from the southern Sanandaj-Sirjan zone, Iran; their origin and mode of formation
Volume 26, Issue 6, 2017, Pages 421-440
Fatehi, Hossein; Ahmadipour, Hamid; Kuzuo, Nakashima; Moeinzadeh, Hesamaddin

Petrogenesis of Plio-Quaternary basanites in the Gandom Beryan area, Kerman, Iran: geochemical evidence for the low-degree partial melting of enriched mantle
Volume 26, Issue 4, 2017, Pages 284-301
Yousefi, Seyed Javad; Moradian, Abbas; Ahmadipour, Hamid

The discovery of a low-angle normal fault in the Taurus Mountains: the Ivriz detachment and implications concerning the Cenozoic geology of southern Turkey
Volume 26, Issue 3, 2017, Pages 189-205
Seyitoglu, Gurol; Isik, Veysel; Gurbuz, Esra; Gurbuz, Alper