The Crystal and Molecular Structure of New Hydrogen Dinitrate of Nitrato(2,2',2''-terpyridyl)platinum(II) Ion, [Pt(terpy)ONO_2][H(ONO_2)_2]


Abstract: The title compound, C_{15}H_{12}N_6O_9Pt, consists of [Pt(terpy)ONO_2]^+ cation and [H(ONO_2)_2]^- anion, in which 2 nitrate groups are linked by a strong hydrogen bond [O \cdots O 2449(1) Å]. In the cation, the terpyridine is coordinated to Pt as a tridentate ligand and the fourth position is occupied by the nitrate ion's oxygen. The coordination around Pt is square-planar. The coordinated nitrate moiety adopts a distorted trigonal-planar configuration. It belongs to the space group P \bar{1} with a = 8.605(2), b = 10.220(3) Å, c = 10.517(2) Å and \alpha = 89.51(1), \beta = 82.78(2), \gamma = 76.90(2)°.

Keywords: X-ray structure, terpyridine, hydrogen, nitrate, platinum, complex

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