The Sterols of Cyclamen Coum

Authors: Nurettin YAYLI, Cemalettin BALTACI

Abstract: The structures of one major and three minor constituents of sterol fraction of the Cyclamen coum have been established as stigmasterol [(22E)- (24S)- 24-ethylcholesta-\Delta ^{5,22}-dien-\beta-ol] ({\bf 1}), Poriferasterol [22E)-(24R)-24-ethylcholesta-\Delta^{5,22}-dien-3\beta- ol] ({\bf 2}), stigma-or poriferasta-\Delta^{3,5,22} triene [(22E)-24 -ethylcholesta-\Delta^{3,5,22}-trien] ({\bf 3}) stigma-or poriferosta- \Delta^{3,5,7,22}-tetraene [(22E)-24-ethylcholesta-\Delta^{3,5,7,22}- tetraene] ({\bf 4}) by spectroscopic means (NMR, EI-MS and GC-MS).


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