Investigation of Adsorption Isotherms Used For Wool Dyeing by Aqueous Extraction of Cehri Fruit (Fructus Rhamni Petiolari) and Dyeing of Wool and Silk Accompanied by Various Mordants

Authors: A. Haluk AYDIN, Fuat GÜZEL, Zeki TEZ

Abstract: In this study, adsorption isotherms were obtained by processing wool with dyestuff solutions of different concentrations extracted from cehri fruit with water. These isotherms follow the Nernst equation; the Nernst constant was determined and interpreted. In addition, wool and silk fibres were dyed with the same dyestuff solution and various mordants. Colours having a high fastness which could be used on an industrial scale were produced.

Keywords: Dyestuff adsorption; natural dyes; dyeing fibres; cehri fruit extract; wool dyeing; silk dyeing.

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