Synthesis of Optically Active Camphorsulphonylbenzimidazoles

Authors: Mashooda HASAN, Humaira MASOOD, Naeema KHAN, M. ZIA-UL-HAQ

Abstract: The preparation of optically active camphorsulphonylbenzimidazole {(\bf 1)}, a mixture of regioisomeric 5-nitro- {\bf (2A)} and 6-nitro-{\bf (2B)} camphorsulphonylbenzimidazoles, 5-nitro-{\bf (3A)} and 6-nitro-{\bf (3B)} 2- methyl camphorsulphonylbenzimidazoles is described. In this study the structure of the purified camphorsulphonylbenzimidazoles {\bf 1, 2B, 3A} and {\bf 3B} was confirmed by their mass and ^{1}H NMR spectral analysis. The specific rotation of each pure compound is also reported.


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