Impedance Measurements of Polyester-Coated Galvanised Mild Steel in 10xAcid Rainwater After an Accelerated Wet-Dry Test


Abstract: The variation of defective polyester-coated performance with time in 10xacid rain solution was investigated using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Measurements were carried out on samples after an accelerated atmospheric corrosion test. The impedance diagrams (Nyquist plots) were simulated using the EQUIVCRT program which was elaborated by Boukamp and the semi-ellipse model which was developed by Erbil. It has been shown that the defective coating resistance changes with time for the samples subjected to acid rainwater. The corrosion rate of coated metal also changes with time.

Keywords: EIS, coating, defect, corrosion, equivalent circuit, accelerated test.

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