Synthesis of New Bisamidoxime Ligands and their Monocharged Metal Complexes

Authors: Niyazi BIÇAK, Tülay ATAY

Abstract: This paper describes the synthesis of two new bisamidoxime ligands with dithioether connecting groups. The ligands were obtained from ethane dithiol in two steps; i) cyanoalkylation ii) oximation with hydroxylamine. Cyanoalkylation of ethanedithiol was carried out by condensing with chloro acetonitrile and base-catalysed addition of acrylonitrile, yielding bis(cyanomethylthio) ethane and bis(cyanoethyl thio) ethane, respectively. Upon subsequent oximation with hydroxylamine, these bisnitrile compounds gave corresponding bis(amidoxime) ligands in reasonable yields. The ligands behave as tetradentate ligands and on interaction with Cu(II), Ni(II), Co(II) chlorides produces monocharged metal complexes in a [ML]$^+$Cl$^-$ composition.

Keywords: bis-amidoximes, dithioethers, monocharged metal complexes, mixed donor complexes.

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