Photoelectron Spectroscopy: A Tool in Sorption Studies

Authors: Şefik SÜZER, Hasan N. ERTEN

Abstract: Photoelectron spectroscopy using AlK\alpha (h\nu=1486.3 eV) has been applied to study the sorption of Cs^+, Sr^{2+}, Ba^{2+}, Zn^{2+} and Co^{2+} on magnesite kaolinite, smectite and chlorite. From the observed intensities of photoelectron peaks it was determined that in magnesite the sorption affinity of the above ions follow the order: Ba^{2+}>Co^{2+}\congSr^{2+}\congZn^{2+}>Cs^+. The order for the sorption of Ba^{2+} and Cs^+ are also determined as chlorite>magnesite>smectite>kaolinite and smectite>chlorite\congkaolinite>magnesite, respectively.


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