Synthesis and properties of novel magnetic nanoparticles grafted with nitropyridine-substituted calix[4]arene derivative as Cr^{6+} extractant


Abstract: A new calix[4]arene derivative, 3, which functionalized at the lower rim with 2-(2-aminoethyl amino)-5-nitropyridine, was synthesized and characterized by a combination of FTIR, ^1H NMR, ^{13}C NMR, and elemental analysis. Then the calix[4]arene 3 was grafted onto [3-(2,3-epoxypropoxy)propyl]trimethoxysilane-modified Fe_3O_4-- nanoparticles (EPPTMS-MN) to produce new calixarene-adorned magnetic nanoparticles (MN-DiNoPy-Calix (4)). The structure of the calixarene-adorned magnetic nanoparticles 4 was determined by a combination of FTIR, TEM, and elemental analysis. Moreover, a study regarding the removal of toxic HCr_2O_7^- anion from aqueous solution was also carried out with the calixarene-adorned magnetic nanoparticles in solid--liquid extraction studies.

Keywords: Calixarene, proton-switchable, magnetic nanoparticles, dichromate anion, solid--liquid extraction

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