Synthesis of the New Cation Exchange Resins Having Poly (Styrene-Caprolactone) Units

Authors: S. Savaşkan YILMAZ, Hulisi ÖZBAYRAK, Baki HAZER

Abstract: The crosslinked polystyrene-polycaprolactone , PS-PCL-, block copolymers were prepared by the copolymerization of styrene and poly(caprolacton dimethylmethacrylate) (PCL-DM). The molecular weights of polycaprolactone, PCL, PCL-DM were 1250 and 2000. The swelling in H_2O or CHCl_3 of the sulfonated and unsulfonated block copolymers were determined under comparable conditions and investigated. The capacities of the obtained ion exchange resins were 1.31 and 1.10 meq/g.


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