Synthesis, spectral, and thermoanalytical studies on the new heterobimetallic [Mg(II)-Ti(IV)]-\mu-oxoisopropoxide and its \beta-diketonates


Abstract: The new heterobimetallic [Mg(II)-Ti(IV)]-\mu-oxoisopropoxide was synthesized on treatment of magnesium acetate with titanium(IV) isopropoxide in refluxing decalin in 1:2 molar ratio and characterized by liberated isopropanol, elemental, spectral (IR, ^1H and ^{13}C NMR, and mass), thermal analysis, and molecular weight data. The reactions of [Mg(II)-Ti(IV)]-\mu-oxoisopropoxide compound with \beta-diketones in different molar ratios (1:1--1:4) yielded mono to tetra derivatives [{MgO_2Ti_2(OPr^i)_{6-n}L_n}] (where n is 1--4 and L = acetylacetonate/benzoylacetonate anion)] of the \mu-oxo complex and were characterized by elemental, liberated isopropanol, and spectral analysis (IR and ^1H and ^{13}C NMR). These studies revealed interesting facets in support of plausible structures of the parent compound and its \beta-diketonates.

Keywords: Heterometallic-\mu-oxoisopropoxide, magnesium, titanium, \beta-diketones, thermoanalysis

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