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31 January 2018

Most Cited Articles

Antioxidant activities of Iranian corn silk
Volume 32, Issue 1, 2008, Pages 43-49
M. A. Ebrahimzadeh, F. Pourmorad, S. Hafezi

Antioxidant activity of some common plants
Volume 32, Issue 1, 2008, Pages 51-55
N. A. Khalaf, A. K. Shakya, A. Al-Othman, Z. El-Agbar, H. Farah

Soil salinity alters growth, chlorophyll content, and secondary metabolite accumulation in Catharanthus roseus
Volume 32, Issue 2, 2008, Pages 79-83
C. A. Jaleel, B. Sankar, R. Sridharan, R. Panneerselvam

Antioxidant, antibacterial, and anticandidal activities of an aquatic plant: duckweed (Lemna minor L. Lemnaceae)
Volume 34, Issue 2, 2010, Pages 175-188
I. Gulcin, E. Kirecci, E. Akkemik, F. Topal, O. Hisar

A comparative evaluation of antioxidant and anticancer activity of essential oil from Origanum onites (Lamiaceae) and its two major phenolic components
Volume 35, Issue 6, 2011, Pages 735-742
A. Ozkan, A. Erdogan

In vitro antimicrobial activity of Salvadora persica L. extracts against some isolated ora pathogens in Iraq
Volume 32, Issue 1, 2008, Pages 57-62
F. A. Al-Bayati, K. D. Sulaiman

Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of Artemisia L. species from western Anatolia
Volume 36, Issue 1, 2012, Pages 75-84
S. B. Erel, G. Reznicek, S. G. Senol, N. U. K. Yavasogulu, S. Konyalioglu, A. U. Zeybek

Effects of drought stress on soluble proteins in two maize varieties
Volume 32, Issue 1, 2008, Pages 23-30
N. Mohammadkhani, R. Heidari

Antimicrobial and antiviral effects of essential oils from selected Umbelliferae and Labiatae plants and individual essential oil components
Volume 36, Issue 3, 2012, Pages 239-246
I. E. Orhan, B. Ozcelik, M. Kartal, Y.  Kan

The nickel hyperaccumulating plants of the serpentines of Turkey and adjacent areas: A review with new data
Volume 32, Issue 3, 2008, Pages 143-153
R. D. Reeves, N. Adiguzel