The Effect of Bleaching Conditions on the Physical and Optical Properties During the Bleaching of CTMP with Peroxide


Abstract: In order to determine the effect of bleaching conditions on the physical and optical properties of pulps during the bleaching of CTMP with H_2O_2, 48 bleaching trials were carried out. After the analysis of the data obtained, the optimum bleaching conditions were as follows: H_2O_2 ratio 2.5-3%, Na_2SiO_3 ratio 3%, NaOH ratio 3%, NaOH/H_2O_2 ratio 0.75, MgSO_4 rate 0.5%, reaction temperature 70ºC, EDTA rate 0.5%, reaction time 80 minutes and concentration 16%. Brightness, breaking length, burst and tear index of CTMP bleached with H_2O_2 were found to be 51.42%, 18.03%, 92.50% and 13.20% respectively, higher than those of unbleached CTMP.


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